Have you ever filed an insurance claim? 

Providing proof of loss without the proper paperwork during a time of distress can make for a very stressful time. We have  your solution...a home inventory record. We can do it for you or show you how.


Providing proof of loss after a disaster can be next to impossible.

 Providing proof of loss after a disaster can be next to impossible. The items may be completely destroyed and you have no means of proving the contents of your home unless you've had a comprehensive home inventory conducted by a professional or yourself.  



A home invasion is the most invasive means of losing items in your home. Anger, frustration and sadness may be some or all of the emotions you go through. Your home inventory should include serial numbers, detailed descriptions and photos. 



 To ensure you receive all the contents of your home from moving from one place to another, you need a home inventory. Not only can this be provided as proof of ownership, but may also be provided as proof of damage.  

Estate Planning


A complete home inventory of your assets can help in the development of wills, ensuring that your beneficiaries will receive any inheritances according to your wishes.  

Financial Planning


The benefits of having a home inventory for insurance purposes is quite clear, it can also be extremely valuable information for your personal financial planner. Having a list of your possessions and their value is an easy way to keep track of your overall net worth.   

Just because you should


Small business, water damage,  collectibles, antiques,  tools, guns, receipts, documentation, etc. Whatever the reason, everyone should have a home inventory on file. You never know when you may need it. Better to be safe than sorry. 

enjoy peace of mind, schedule your home inventory today

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In the event of a theft, fire or any tragic situation, could you recall from memory your belongings?

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