Home Inventory

What to expect


Home Inventory Specialists will document  and record your home's content.  Our services are designed to help you maximize your insurance claim, while making the process smoother.

We'll present your information in a personalized portfolio which will include:

  • A written inventory  including descriptions, model/serial numbers and  cost (provided by the homeowner). 
  • High-quality individual, digital photos of non-standard or valuable items on CD or flash drive. 
  • Photos of scanned documents and receipts.

The Process

  • We begin with a phone interview where you will provide us with the square footage of your home, a list of rooms to be inventoried and any other specific information we may need to know.
  • We'll walk you thorough the process of how we will inventory the  interior of your home and provide you with a quote .
  • We will schedule a date and time to arrive. Expect  the in-home process to take 2 to 4 hours. 
  • A continuation of the process may be completed from our office and presented to you within 7 days of the initial inventory.
  • We will present you with a report file containing documentation, any receipts or documents we took to scan and a CD / flash drive with your home inventory. 


benefits of a home inventory


A home inventory is a detailed list of the personal property or assets located in your home, including pictures. You should also include property that you have stored elsewhere, perhaps in a garage or storage shed.

Your list should include: furniture, jewelry, antiques, artwork, appliances, kitchen contents, clothes, carpets, drapes, computer equipment, television sets, CD players (and other audio or audiovisual equipment), musical instruments, clocks, mirrors, linens, lawn mowers, snow equipment, tools, sports equipment, collectibles and any other items of value.

Here are just a few reasons how you can benefit from our inventory services:


Receive insurance settlements faster because you will be able to identify what was lost. Most people can’t recall every item accumulated over the years after a loss.

Taxes and Valuation

A detailed inventory can help verify losses for income tax deductions. 

Estate planning

A line listing or picture inventory can be used to supplement legal documentation or information. 


Keep track of lost or damaged items.